Things that you only understand if you have a temper

More than anything,

I hate being told to calm down. Now don’t get me wrong I’m usually your typical joy from inside out in a bunch of sadness ‘s but when I’m unhappy I can really go from bouncing of the walls to smacking you like a Dodgeball.

So I wanted to bring something to the table thst doesn’t involve my knife jabs of sarcasm to the table and be real or try to. (im trying buddy, I’m not a covergirl okay I can’t look or act flawless)

I dedicated this little post article all to people out there who have a temper and can relate .

1.when you’re angry it’s probably because you’ve either been patient, chill, or passive aggressive for a really long time, so when one yell s the world makes you look like Zeus crashing thunderbolts to humanity.


2.people will tell you you’re overreacting to the situation.  You’ll just have to put a sticky note on your forehead that says I’m human! I have feelings!

3.on the subject of feelings it could just be me but this temper is just a cover up for what you really wanna do while you feel this way,  and that ladies and gentleman is midlife crisis crying! (Or you know just crying in general but appearing to being an angsty teeny as you carry it out) done with this… (insert billions of swear words because there’s nothing to articulate how you feel in an completely mature and logical way)

5.this is my favourite like oh my God totes favourite! (super saturated girl voice… And drop the truth speech) ” why are you being so sensitive?”” Why are you so angry?”” Why is it a big deal? ”

Okay so stubbing your toe is a big deal but me struggling to get soap and making a minimum wage that’s barely enough for my college fund is not a problem. Okay come talk when you’ve got your head on straight and stop looking at me like the lady from the grudge.

6.why don’t you just try this? (tries to give obvious and already triedd tactics) look the reason I’m hot tempered is because I tried multiple solutions in a short period of time. If I want to test my patience I’ll just play Simon says so I can frustrate myself more

Simon says stop

Simon says goo

And I say no Simon no.

7.”theres nothing you can do, just accept it.” gee that’s so heartwarming.  If I was made of the dramatic melancholy in movies we watch today, no,one is going to get the guy or girl protagonist folks once he/she leaves they leave.better stop thinking life will end up like girl vs monsters.and end start realizing you should watch because of Winn Dixie.



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