My opinion on Zelda majority mask hauntings . {Ben Drowned }

I read an article today here that really inspired me to speak about what happened. (to the man whom played the game and told the creepy pasta not myself because i somehow missed this game growing up and didnt get a chance to play it )Now normally im superstitious and i dont like messing on borderline issues such as the dead who died , or people who are in close to death . Karma has its ways of finding back to you .So its better sometimes just to keep a finger on your lips and keep yourself hushed.

It is completely possible that the boy named ben whom died of cancer at the age of twelve could be possessing that game, but also the creepypasta could not be true .

See i used to play  old versions of sonic underground and it was very common for games to glitch in the 90s at that time .But never the less you dont see me saying that the game is posessed because its glitching. Sometimes you have to start the game all over and the screen would just go pitch black before burning out and i would wait another hour to place the game in the game cube , or blow on it to cool down. Sometimes I Would be stuck with crash bandicoot for hours in  the time warp portal if it froze up . The controls on the remote were also fairly limited so if you tried to press a certain button it would give you a close up of the character running or its backside view .

Futhermore technology could be an advanced skill for some people , meaning that you could believe an evil entity took over the game in spiritual possession to keep its belongings on earth, but it couldve been a hacker as crazy as that sounds too.

If People have skills to build a game why would they not have the means and skills to hack it and break down its code ? it doesnt seem unlikely. Kids in the nineties were smart enough to do those kind of things because it was a more hands on generation then our generation today.

Also before the kid died he couldve found a way to customise his settings so that everything worked the way he wanted it to .  People customise their games , thought its not always possible, they can do it . I mean the disk was his . It wouldnt be all that different from me saving my nintendo games  and when i win things at the shop i  customise my character if i get a higher level of unlocked purchased goods.

Now , the other side is that this could totally be occuring . What people talk about in the game goes beyond any means of human activity.  It seems like a red flag when they talk about links face being covered in paint in the game . That wasnt in his orginial character design if you look at it . They couldve added last minute features however, when there is a skull character is in the corner when youre out at snow temple  that doesnt say a single word. Not even to guide him. Considering there is the violet fairy  with him at all times and other characters either are his enemy or tell him the guideline to get to a certain place to obtain certain objects , this was a bit unsettling.

.I start to feel a bit uneasy about it as i finished reading  the story in  haunted canada 2   series . i then took up to youtube to watch a video on the story .   Futhermore to make things weird , the song of healing is played in reverse. Unless you were a tech genius or very tech savvy id say to reprogram the game and hardwire it so the song plays in reverse is beyond me . Hence,I can acutally believe this story is not a fad because that is some unexplainable paranormal right there .

The files were said to be set in Bens name which i find even more chilling because of the old buyer. The old man who had been selling the game smiled at the young man and supposedly gave him a warning. or had not said anything i cant remember much. That means he knew something about the game and about the little boy preferably being a relative of some sorts or a neighbor who just knew him .

At the end of the day i would say this boundary pass is definitely both a possiblity and couldve just been a programming problem .


at the end of the day no one knows for sure.



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