Im muslim! dont be afraid to talk to me

i feel like most of you feel towards muslims like how i feel towards the dont hug me im scared video . You think okay its cool untill the puppets start doing really disturbed actions like ripping out hearts and making bloody cakes . Overall the video goes south . It becomes the heart of what happens when you get too creative . take that plot twist and see what happens when you make it political. That is what happens my friend when you get turn religion political.

and you my friend found yourself in a real live gladiator event where you got frightened by it . The lions awaiting, and the spectators are watching.And youv’e only been here five minutes but your’e running around in circles trying to figure out the safest exit route . in the process of all this internally , externally your trying to ask me a question and you feel it comes out wrong so youll say

” oh because your muslim…. and i didnt want to offend you.

I honestly feel bad when people say these kind of things because i can imagine the religious people theyve dealt with probably called them every name under the sun , and the look on my face when i say i cant do something probably feels like a courtroom judge condemning them .

SINNER ! my scarf screams to them, “im covered and you should be more like me “. But in actual reality you dont have to worry about offending me . And no rachel, im not looking at your short dress and wishing i could make it longer , i am secretely thinking of where i can get that great outfit . You like your fruity drinks ? thats cool i like my soda !  you like  someone and cant talk about it because youre afraid ill be offended . I genuinely wont , feel free to ask me anything, im more then happy to ask what you have in mind or in heart and ill try my best. Im not offended !

of course i feel sometimes like bury my head in shame when i hear headlining news when i go to get my morning coffee at timmies or eat a sandwich at subway .

but I know deep inside I didnt have anything to do with what happened, so why should i be offended that your voicing your opinion ? just as long as you dont take it out of context and start personally attacking me you can tell me how you feel. Im more then willing to listen , i dont care what your story is or what relgion or what race you are . If your kind to me ill be kind to you, and even if youre not kind ill still be kind to you , not a problem . But i will also advise you when your wrong love.

See i know a lot of people are unsure talking about a terrorist attack to a muslim or ISIS in general because they will think the muslim person they speak to will feel attacked by them. NO !  were not upset because youre talking about this , were upset that majority of people think that even the muslim people not present at the terrorist event that happened  are being held responsible.

The man who just came home to make extra money from his 9-5 shift ? tomorrow people will throw plastic at him ad maybe hell get fired for it too. A girl who just graduated college and is now getting a home to buy, the buyer refuses to sell it to her because shes muslim and her neighbors dont want a muslim beside them .

Thats WHY were upset. Other events that have happened in the name of other things have been forgotten but the media likes to cherry pick and keep reminding us of our particuliar incidents .

Other then that , there isnt much a problem, were mad at the injustice in a sea of good that a lot of people do, and people chose to focus on the negatives around them. but remember just because one person did it didnt mean a whole nation of people are responsible . Were all individual people, we all think differently.  so next time you want to ask me why i cant shake a mans hand or why i cant drink ill be more then happy to answer you .

i regard anyone who  asks as a normal human being, they want to learn, and im happy people want to expand their minds and learn about others beliefs it makes me happy . So next time you see me down the street with my scarf, please dont hesitate to talk to me about these kind of things, its north america everyone has the right to feel safe whereaver you are , and you should just dive right into what you feel like asking . although please dont say any racial slurs or anyhting like that , thank you .


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