7 Things Every teenager Should hear I wish someone had told me .

  1.  Build a relationship with your siblings . Your siblings dont hate you, you may fight and they may do things to upset, but deep down they care a lot about you even when they are jerks and obnixious . Mark my words if you didnt want to live, or where struggling with desire to be alive, they would care the most even if they act like they dont . Later on in life, sometimes you can bond with them. They arent designed to torture . They keep you company and they can really change your life depending on how you deal with each other and how your relationship is .


2. Dont worry if youre not a someones type or style .  I know its easier said then done but Beauty comes in different shape and sizes . If you feel that you have to be limited to someone who wants only one type and a size fits all , wheather youre a girl or boy  dont compromise your self  to be their ideal. Later , this will seriously affect you as an adult and sometimes makes your insecurites stronger. lifes too short to be a plastic barbie doll. Youre a real human and this is not a dollhouse childs play where people pick pieces and move them where they think they are supposed to be.


3. Own up to your mistakes , but dont be too hard on yourself.

I know we make a lot of mistakes in our youth , or when we are old , even as parents . But remember that if you make a mistake dont spend eight years dwelling on that mistake of not asking your best  friend to marry you  or going to that job opportunity you got downtown, even studying for that test thats worth 5 marks. You must learn to forgive yourself, that takes a long time and it doesnt matter how long as long as you know that it will make you a better version of yourself.


4. Abuse isnt love . NOT in any form.  Thats not the love you deserve.

I feel  a lot of people stay with toxicness because they are in love with the person or their possible potential . Whether family or others , someone who hits you,Physically , leaves bruises ,  be littles you, tells youre worthless, and expects you to get better from their insults is not love. Theres a different between tough love and straight abuse, dont tolerate abuse thinking its tough love. Tough love is a rare hug well earned, a  genuine sorry  for what had happened when you succeed, not a punch or driving someone to fear being alive and go insane and become unstable .


5. Never  sit back and watch someone suffer , try your best to do something about change it. Become more brave .

I see a lot people get bullied and lives get taken as a result of it. Or maybe they have substance abuse , domestic violence, or  are dealing with severe personailty / mental/physical// mood /orders  People know what is going on sometimes ,  and refuse to try to stop it because they are afraid it will be inflicted upon them. Or they feel helpless , maybe just stay out of it all together for personal reasons  Well i understand that is a totally valid and real fear , and respect personal preferences for not getting involved   there are always other methods of  helping someone , privately in person, referring them to resources where they can get the help they need . And it doesnt with all due respect take too much to try a little act of kindness no matter how small. A note, a candy bar, a sweet word, a heartfelt action . They can can change someone elses life.


6. Eat healthier

I know youre tempted to reach for a bag of chips but please por  el amor di Dios, eat some fruit every once in awhile.


7. Your personal beliefs will change . they wont always stay the same.

over time youll meet people of different ethinic backgrounds ,faith and views on things. Youre view today wont be . the same as tomorrow, so dont keep everything in your sight so narrowminded and definite. People are always evolving wheather we admit it or not .





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